Cremation Urns Made of Marble

Commemorate the Life and Passing with an Urn

Marble Cremation UrnLosing a loved one is hard enough, and finding a suitable way to honor their life and passing can be difficult.  Marble urns are the perfect way to commemorate the life that your loved one lived, and to pay tribute to them in passing.  When you are looking for an elegant, classy way to remember your loved one, consider marble cremation urns.

Not only are they exquisite in appearance, they are extremely durable as well.  If you decide you want to display the urn on a shelf or in another area, marble urns are strong and the material lasts forever.  Decades later, it will still be just as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on it.  Many people find that these cremation urns are aesthetically pleasing and offer a dignified appearance; the colors and unique markings make each one different.  For an example of just how beautiful marble urns can be, consider the Traditional Onyx urns.  These perfectly sculpted works of art are created of many colors such as rust, celery, cream and black that flow gently in to one another.

You should always pay tribute to someone you love by memorializing them with something that represents their love or passion in life.  If your loved one was passionate about all things elegant and regal, marble urns are the perfect choice.  Another reason many people choose this type of urn is that they blend easily into nearly any style of decor.  Even as you change furnishings or decorate your home in a different style, the urn will still add an elegant touch to the room.  Marble cremation urns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so you can find one that will fit your needs perfectly.

When you want to pay tribute to a loved one with an urn that is stately, take a look at the Lion Black Marble urn.  Topped by a proud Lion crafted of white stone, this genuine black marble urn is absolutely exquisite.  This piece is perfect for display in a den or in the library of your home.  You may want to include it in a special display that is highlighted with light to draw particular attention to its beauty and elegance.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but it inevitably happens.  Pay tribute to your beloved in a special way with marble urns; just as the love and respect you have for your loved one lasts forever, marble cremation urns do as well.

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What You Need to Know About Cremation Urns

When a person you love or a pet passes away, all that you are left with are memories. For certain individuals, it is sufficient to keep joyful and remarkable memories of that person or pet in their hearts and minds. Nevertheless, there are also others who prefer to make use of cremation urns to provide them succor and consolation in times of grief. Henceforth, cremation urns have become a very significant accessory throughout human history – read more about the History of Cremation. Cremation urns are a viable alternative to tombs and mausoleums. For others, it is better than putting the remains of their deceased pets and loved ones six feet under the ground.

Cremation Urns: to commemorate the departed

When you or your family have decided that the ashes of a loved one or a pet will be stored in one of those cremation urns, the next move is not to randomly select or acquire generic cremation urns. For it to serve the purpose of reminding those who were left behind about the dearly departed, the urn that should contain the ashes ought to be representative or evocative of the deceased. This means that the cremation urn’s color, shape, or design should be something that the dearly departed liked during his or her lifetime. Cremation urns are there to remind you and your family of the person or pet that passed away so it is only appropriate that it should look like something that evokes pleasant memories of the departed.

Visually appealing Cremation Urns

In addition to that, when looking for cremation urns, it is highly advised to acquire one that has good appeal visually. This is due to the fact that you and your family may have to display it in the house for everybody to see. A good way to select a visually appealing urn is to match it with the color of your walls, furniture, and décor in the house.

Materials used

Furthermore, you and your family should know that cremation urns are made of different kinds of material. Marble, metal, and wood are the three common materials used in creating cremation urns. By the way, if you think wood urn is not durable, then you are mistaken. When wood is used as the primary material in cremation urns, it is coated with protective chemical called proactive polyurethane that makes the wood resistant to damage caused by soap, ultraviolet light, and certain household cleaners.

Pet Memorials and Cremation Urns

The loss of a loved one can be the most devastating challenge a person ever faces.  While this is certainly the case of family members and life-long friends, this is no less true when the lost loved one is a pet.  Pets are companions, confidants, and oftentimes best friends who are considered part of the family.  Therefore, dealing with their loss can be one of the most painful things a person faces.  Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of information readily available regarding the choices a pet owner has when the veterinarian suggests that euthanizing the beloved pet is the most compassionate course of action.  But the options are out there, and it’s important for pet owners to understand them.

One option when a pet is euthanized is what is called “private pet cremation,” which generally costs under $350 and is handled by a crematorium that works in conjunction with the veterinarian.  In a private cremation, only that one pet is reduced to ashes which allow the remains, also called cremains, to the owner.  Some crematories allow the owner or family members to be present in order to view the cremation, but this is not available at all of them.  Usually, the cremains are placed inside a plastic bag which is then set inside some sort of vessel for transporting them.  An ideal choice for this receptacle is a pet urn, which can take the form of anything from a simple wooden box to a beautiful, intricate work of art that will house the ashes, either for permanent display or later burial.  The plastic bag is used to keep the remains secure in case the vessel in which they are held is dropped or damaged in some way, but eventually, the bag is no longer needed for transport, and the ashes are placed by themselves inside the urn.  Pet owners who struggle with their loss often prefer that the veterinarian or a friend transfer the ashes into the urn because it can often be an emotionally demanding task.

Another option when a pet is euthanized is an “individual cremation” which is similar to a private cremation in that the pet owner is still assured of getting his, and only his, pet’s remains returned to him.  But it differs from a private cremation in that other pets are being cremated at the same time.  They are each separated though, which allows each owner to receive only the appropriate remains.  Because other animals are being cremated at the same time, the cost is lower and generally runs between $75 and $200.

The cheapest option for pet cremation is called “mass cremation” in which multiple pets are cremated together at the same time, and the ashes are not available to be returned to the owner.  This form of cremation can be done anywhere from $30 to $100 which is great for people who don’t wish to spend much money but a poor option for those who wish to keep, scatter, or bury their pets’ remains.

Many pet owners grieving the loss of their beloved companions find comfort in choosing a pet urn to use in either a private or individual cremation.  With the amazing array of choices in styles, materials, colors, and designs – including even custom designed and created pieces that are considered true works of art — many find that the choice of an appropriate urn to hold the ashes to be one of the most special ways for them to memorialize the vital role that pet had in the owner’s life.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Beauty of Biodegradable Urns

Many people today select biodegradable urns as part of their pre-funeral arrangements so that they can help their friends and loved ones move through the grieving process a little easier. When someone we are close to dies it can be very difficult to remember all of the details that must be taken care of to assure a proper and beautiful ceremony for urn burial. When the choice of urn has been made for family and friends, they are relieved of the added pressure to assure their loved one resides where they truly wished. And, they are given an opportunity to share one last request with their loved one.

For an environmentally conscious individual there is no greater statement or remembrance than to have one’s cremains disposed of naturally. Whether by scattering, burial at sea, or burial on land, the urn that we select must be one that will not leave a carbon imprint on the earth. The memory of our life should be one of giving to the earth, not taking from it. And, this last gift to earth is our way of acknowledging our gratefulness and respect to both the life we lived and the earth we cared for throughout our life.

One type of biodegradable urn that is growing in popularity is a beautiful artistically designed urn made of unfired clay that is painted with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic paint. These urns come in many shapes, designs and colors and are so unique that they will be a beautiful addition in your home. In addition, these urns are completely water soluble and will dissolve when used for an at-sea burial or dissolve naturally when buried in land within two to three months depending on the climate. These urns can be designed to replicate very expensive porcelain or bronze and will fit in a permanent memorial in your home or provide a beautiful and lasting picture of the burial ceremony.

Another type of biodegradable urn that is still a standard for many environmentally conscious individuals is the classic Earth urn which is fabricated from recycled paper. These urns also are available in any shape, design or size that you may need or desire. These cremation urns are handcrafted and will not begin to break down until they are buried in the earth. They are made to withstand the rigors of travel and are perfect for scattering or burying ashes from regions where hiking is involved.

Infant Urns: A Way to Cope for the Loss of a Little One

Infant UrnsThere is nothing more devastating for a parent than to lose a child so young. Such a loss is even tougher on the mother; after all, she is the one who bonds more closely with the child in the nine months that the baby is in her womb. To lose that baby whom she has held and nourished inside her for such a time can be very hard.

Coping for the loss of such a cherished little one can be done through many ways. One of these ways is by choosing the appropriate infant urns. Infant urns are not just repositories for the remains of the little angel who was called back to heaven too soon. It can be a remembrance of the love that a parent has given while the child was still alive. It can also be a reminder of the fact that this love does not have to be lost with the child’s passing on.

Infant Urns as a Source of Comfort

A grieving parent can use infant urns as a source of comfort for his or her loss. One way to do that is to buy a teddy bear urn that was made out of the clothes of the child. As thus, the teddy bear will carry the scent of the child and evoke happy memories. And because the remains of the child rest inside the teddy bear, a parent can find comfort in the fact that he or she is indeed holding the baby he or she so loved.

There are many stories of parents being able to bear the pain of losing a child by buying teddy bear infant urns. It gives them a chance, even if by proxy, of cuddling their baby once again and expressing the love that they can no longer show to their child.

Infant Urns as an Expression of Hope

A parent will always have hopes for his or her own child. Many people say that this is what parenting is all about – having hopes and dreams for one’s offspring and seeing these hopes and dreams come alive. But when a parent loses a child, it often feels that all those hopes die with the child.

There are many memorials for an infant out there that are designed to evoke hope and inspiration to a grieving parent. Even though the loss of a child can be very painful, the hope that a parent held for that child does not have to go away. It can be channeled to other things that will honor the memory of the beloved child.

Symapthy Tributes, Cards and Phrases

It is so hard to know now to convey condolences to the grieving family and friends when a loved one has died.  People often struggle to come up with the right words to say and aren’t sure what they can offer as a means of support.  Sending sympathy phrases can be a wonderful way to capture the feelings that are so hard to verbally put into words.  With so many choices available in stores or online, people everywhere are sure to find expressions of sympathy that convey what is in their hearts.  But sometimes people want to do more than just send a card, and although flowers can make a beautiful sympathy gift, many wish to send something more unique and permanent.  Fortunately, the wide variety of sympathy gifts available now allows people to share their condolences and demonstrate their support in concrete, meaningful ways.

Outdoor memorials are one commonly chosen type of sympathy gift.  Garden stones can be engraved with a poem or special passage for the family to place outdoors.  Similarly, stone garden benches can include inspirational engravings.  For a more colorful memorial, a garden globe can be given in a variety of different colors.  Other outdoor forms of tribute include statues, often religious in nature, as well as bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses, sundials, wind chimes, stepping stones, weathervanes and wreaths.  The gift of a tree in sympathy is also a popular choice since it is a way to give a living memorial that will last for many years to come. The person who sends one of these sympathy gifts will know that it will serve as an outdoor memorial to the lost loved one long after the funeral flowers have died.

Of course, sympathy gifts aren’t restricted to only outdoor use.  A number of other keepsakes can make wonderful memorial gifts.  Various kinds of jewelry – pendants, bracelets, and rings – can make wonderful gifts that a grieving family member will cherish because it can be worn at any time.  Other gifts can include “sympathy baskets” or “sympathy boxes” that include books, journals, and other resources for dealing with grief.  Framed messages, memorial ornaments, figurines, condolence lamps, and quilts are other options commonly chosen to express sympathy.  Many gifts can be personalized and engraved to make them even more meaningful.

With the wide range of choices for memorial gifts and keepsakes available online today, people who either wish to send words of sympathy for a funeral or those who simply live too far away to be present at the funeral can easily send a meaningful condolence.  From garden memorials designed for outdoor use to keepsake jewelry, figurines, and quilts for indoors, the number of possibilities for sending condolences is greater than ever before.

Keepsake Jewelry – Bonding With a Physical Connection

Keepsake Cremation JewelryWhile you may think of keepsake jewelry as something that would only remind you constantly of your grief and loss, it actually has the opposite effect.  Having possession of something that physically connects you to a deceased loved one often helps you grieve and heal, so that you can move toward the future.  Keepsake jewelry is not morbid or ugly; in fact it is much like normal jewelry, and comes in a wide variety of styles, and is made of many materials.

The fact is, cremation jewelry you choose often reflects a personal meaning, or the spirit filled life of your loved one prior to their passing.  Cremation jewelry does not have to hold a portion of ashes if you find that it bothers you.  A small locket of hair or other remembrance can be placed inside, so that your loved one stays close to you in soul and spirit for eternity.  Large, close-knit families often choose cremation jewelry because each member of the family can have their own special remembrance of their loved one who has gone on.

Keepsake LocketCremation jewelry is also designed to appeal to any taste preference or budget.  Gold is always a favorite, because of the elegant, classy look.  Lockets are also always in demand; there seems to be something old-fashioned and sacred about locket cremation jewelry.  Cobalt blue creations have an almost antique look about them, and remind you of trinkets you may have noticed at your grandmother’s house.  And stainless steel keepsakes have a very useful purpose, with a low cost. No matter what your tastes, cremation jewelry has much to offer, both in beauty and comfort for your heart and mind.

When a loved one passes, it strikes you that as of that moment, nothing will ever be the same again – and that realization is profound and painful.  It is hard to “let go” in your heart, even though there is really nothing left to hang on to.  In your heart, you want your beloved to return, although you know in your mind that you are asking for the impossible.  Cremation jewelry makes a perfect personal keepsake, something that you can wear each day so that you feel that special bond or connection to a loved one you will never see again until the day you meet them in eternity.

Keep the spirit and memory of someone you loved to the depths of your soul alive with keepsake jewelry.  You truly do not want those memories to fade; when the pain passes, you will enjoy remembering all of the good times you shared.


There are so many memorial options that you have after losing a friend or loved one. We are very sorry for your loss and will provide information to make this time easier. Our information will be based on your cremation memorial options and we will discuss several memorials. Thank you for reading and we hope to assist you further.

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